Title IX Resources

Harvard has a wide range of resources related to the responsibilities of the Title IX Liaison position. Here are some of the places to look for assistance and information.


Office for Sexual Assault, Prevention & Response.      24-hr hotline  TEL: (617) 495-9100
Boston Area Rape Crisis Center     24-hour hotline  TEL: (800) 841-8371
Harvard University Police Department Anonymous Reporting Hotline.    TEL: 617-496-2700
Harvard University Anonymous Reporting Hotline     TEL: 877.694.2275
Harvard Title IX Office Anonymous Disclosure platform
National Suicide Prevention 24/7 Hotline:  TEL: 1-800-273-8255


Office for Dispute Resolution

Employee Reporting Responsibilities

Responsible Employee obligations

Mental Health

Harvard Counseling and Mental Health Services
Behavioral Health center
GSAS  Counseling resources

Academic Help

Academic Resource Center

Work-Life Balance

GSAS Office of Work/Life
GSAS Family Resources
Harvard Employee Assistance Program
The Pregnant Scholar (resource site)
Work Life Law Center (gender and racial equity in the workplace and in higher education)

Report on the AAU Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Misconduct -- Harvard (2019)
Sexual Harassment of Women: Climate, Culture, and Consequences in Academic Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (National Academy of Sciences, 2018)
Research articles on gender bias and course evaluations
"Feeling overwhelmed by academia? You are not alone" Nature (2018)
"What to do to improve postgraduate mental health" Nature (2018)

What It's Like to be a Woman in The Academy (Chonicle of Higher Education)

Sexism in the Academy (n+1 Magazine, 2019)