Billing:  The Department pays $27.00 toward your telephone costs each month.  This covers most monthly bills. Additional costs are billed to your TAD account.  For Visitors, your monthly bill will be reviewed by our Financial Office.  They will contact you if they have any questions about it.


Harvard Phone Numbers: You can call any telephone in the University by dialing the last five digits (i.e. 5-2148).

 Problems:  Please contact HUIT 617-495-7777

 Telephone/Contact Lists:  The Government Department Faculty, Graduate Student and Staff lists are on the departmental website (  A hardcopy Directory of faculty, visitors, and staff will be available shortly after the fall term begins. 

 Harvard Phone:  

The mission of the Harvard Phone program is to provide modern, flexible, easy-to-use communications tools to enable a wider range of use cases for faculty, staff and researchers learn, teach and work.   Click here to download the Harvard Phone Service Description or a brochure:  Harvard Phone Brochure