Principles for Respectful Community Engagement

Dear members of the Government Department community,


The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee and the leadership of the Graduate Students Association (GSA) of the Government Department have composed a final set of Principles for Respectful Community Engagement to guide exchanges among members of the department.


Principles for Respectful Community Engagement

Respectful behavior is a critical component of being part of the Harvard Government Department. It enables everyone in our community to do their best work in a supportive and constructive environment. All community members are thus expected to engage respectfully with one another, regardless of differences in opinion, background, or formal or informal status within the department. Personal attacks against other community members on any basis - including personal appearance, country of origin, accent, political views, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. - stand completely contrary to our principles of respectful engagement. Adhering to these principles will help the Government Department to be a place that embodies Harvard’s core values, including cultivating bonds and bridges that enable all to grow with and learn from one another. These principles apply to both in-person and online interactions and should not be taken to discourage disagreements about ideas and evidence. Such discussions, undertaken respectfully, are core to the scholarly mission of the department and to the ongoing task of making the Government Department a better place to work and study.



Thank you.


The members of the EDI Committee and GSA co-chairs