Placement History

The department has an excellent record of graduate placement. Recent graduates have obtained positions at leading universities and at leading organizations in government and industry. Following is the placement history for our recent graduates.



Angie Bautista-Chavez Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Christopher Chaky Experimentation and Analytics Researcher, Harvard Business Review.

Colleen Driscoll Data Scientist, PayPal

Edmund Flanigan Assistant Professor, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Jon Gould Assistant Professor, U.C. Berkeley School of Law

Mark Hill not on academic job market

Anna Hopper Assistant Professor, NYU Shanghai

Connor Jerzak Assistant Professor, U.T. Austin

Gabe Koehler-Derrick Assistant Professor, NYU-Abu Dhabi

Shiro Kuriwaki Assistant Professor, Yale University

Audrey Latura Visiting Fellow, Harvard University

Brendan McElroy Postdoc, University of Michigan; Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Michael Morse Bigelow Teaching Fellow, University of Chicago Law School

Lowry Pressly Postdoctoral Research Associate, Brown University Political Theory Project

Albert Rivero Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

David Romney Postdoc, Harvard University WCFIA; Assistant Professor, BYU

Andrew Stone Postdoc, Washington University at St. Louis

Julie Weaver Postdoc, Harvard University WCFIA; Fellow, Harvard Academy

Jin Zang Postdoc, HKS Public Interest Tech Lab

Michael Zoorob Research Advancement Manager, Meta





Abbott, Jared, Post-Doc, Tulane University

Baranovsky, Alla, Visiting Fellow, Harvard University

Gao, Huan, Post-Doc, University of Pennsylvania; Assistant Professor, Carleton College

Goplerud, Max, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Guan, Yichen, Chief Consultant and Head of Research, PalmDrive Inc.

Harpham, John, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Huff, Connor, Assistant Professor, Rice University

Jud, David, Research and Special Projects Consultant, Analyst Institute

Kaslovsky, Jaclyn, Assistant Professor, Rice University

Lee, Boram, Post-Doc, University of Pennsylvania

Lee, Yoon Jin, Visiting Lecturer, Wellesley College

Mazumder, Shom, Fellow, Data for Progress

Milmanda Fernandez, Belen, Assistant Professor, Trinity College

Olson, Michael, Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis

Strange, Austin, Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong

White, Sarah, Assistant Professor, U.S. Military Academy


Abolafia, Jacob, Post-Doc, Safra Center for Ethics, Tel Aviv University

Carothers, Chris, Post-Doc Stanford University Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law

Celaya, Chris, Post-DocUniversity of Denver

Doshi, Rush, Post-Doc Research Fellow, Brookings Institute

Foster, Chase, Post-Doc London School of Economics

Goldstein, Rebecca, Assistant Professor, U.C. Berkeley Law School Jurisprudence & Social Policy Program

Gubb, Jesse, Research Manager, J-Pal North America

Higgins, Dana, not on job market

Howk, Jennifer, Director, TrueNorth Health Foundation

Jost, Tyler, Assistant Professor, Brown University

Kaufman, Aaron, Assistant Professor, NYU Abu Dhabi

Koh, Tsin Yen, Post-Doc, Yale-NUS College Singapore

Komisarchik, Mayya, Assistant Professor, University of Rochester

Kruszewska, Dominika, Post-Doc, Harvard University WCFIA

Lebovitz, Adam, Junior Research Fellow, University of Cambridge

Libgober, Brian, Post-Doc, Yale University

Moskowitz, Dan, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Schacter, Rory, Post-Doc, Harvard University  

Weitz, Shanna, Social Science Research Analyst, US Dept of Health and Human Services

Wise, Tess, Visiting Assistant Professor, Amherst College


Pamela Ban Assistant Professor, U.C. San Diego

Peter Bucchianeri Post-doc, Vanderbilt University

Ranjit Lall Assistant Professor, London School of Economics

Leslie Finger Assistant Professor, University of North Texas

Samuel Imlay Researcher, American Council on Education

Madhav Khosla Post-Doc, Harvard Society of Fellows

Matthew Kim Additional Education, Harvard Law School

Chan Peter Kim Senior Associate, Strategy&

Sungho Kimlee Lecturer, Harvard University

Christopher Lucas Assistant Professor, Washington University St. Louis

Shim Reza Assisstant Professor, Univeristy of Lahore

Anton Strezhnev Post-doc, University of Pennsylvania

Kai Thaler Assistant Professor, U.C. Santa Barbara

Jon Weigel Assistant Professor, London School of Economics

Li Chiao George Yin Assistant Professor, Higher School of Economics Moscow


Adriana Alfaro Assistant Professor, ITAM (Mexico)

Ashley Anderson Post-doc, University of North Carolina

Jonathan Bruno Climenko Fellow and Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School

Kara Ross Camanera Post-doc, University of Chicago

Volha Charnysh Assistant Professor, M.I.T.

Emily Clough Assistant Professor, Northeastern University

Rachel Friedman Assistant Professor of Law, Tel Aviv University

Iza Ding Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Michael Gill Moore-Sloan Data Science Fellow, NYU

Shelby Grossman Assistant Professor, University of Memphis

Michael Hankinson Post-doc, Oberlin College

Jeffry Javed Post-doc, University of Michigan

Tae-Yeoun Keum Christopher Tower Junior Research Fellow, Oxford University

Charles Lesch Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, Washington University in St. Louis

Zeynep Pamuk Supernumerary Fellow, Oxford University

Stephen Pettigrew Associate Director of Data Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

Jonathan Phillips Lecturer, the University of São Paulo

Amanda Pinkston Global Analyst, U.S. Department of State

Soledad Prillaman Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Gabrielle Ramaiah Associate, McKinsey & Company

Melissa Sands Assistant Professor, U.C. Merced




Erin Baggott Assistant Professor, Univ of Southern California

Tim Beaumont Assistant Professor, National Sun Yet -sen University (Taiwan)

Joan Cho Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University

Graham Clure Senior Swiss National Science Foundation Researcher, Department of History, University of Lausanne

Greg Conti Assistant Professor, Princeton University

Cosette Creamer Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Adi Dasgupta Assistant Professor, U.C. Merced

Jacob Eisler Yates Glazebrook Fellow in Law, University of Cambridge

Roberto Foa Assistant Professor, University of Melbourne

Noam Gidron Assistant Professor, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Alex Hertel-Fernandez Assistant Professor, Columbia University

Rita Koganzon Associate Director, Program on Constitutionalism and Democracy at University of Virginia

Joseph Luna Social Scientist, U.S. Department of Transportation

Rakeen Mabud Program Director, Roosevelt Institute’s 21st Century Economy and Economic Inclusion programs

John Marshall Assistant Professor, Columbia University

Joe Muller Additional Education, Yale Law School

Daniel Nadler Founder and CEO, Kensho Technologies

Noah Nathan Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Benjamin Schneer Assistant Professor, Florida State University

Robert Schub Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

William Selinger Assistant Professor, University College of London

Evann Smith Senior Data Scientist, Bechtel Corporation

Ana Weeks Assistant Professsor, University of Bath

Arial White Assistant Professor, M.I.T.





Samuel Barrows Post-Doc, University of Cambridge

Colin Brown Lecturer, Harvard University

Brett Carter Assistant Professor, University of Southern California

Charlotte Cavaille Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

Joshua Cherniss Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

Julie Faller Senior Associate, Wellspring Consulting

Andrew Hall Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Mai Hassan Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Bradley Hinshelwood Clerk, US Court of Appeals

Bradley Holland Assistant Professor, Ohio State University

Kyle Jaros Assistant Professor, University of Oxoford

Konstantin Kashin Data Scientist, Facebook

Gabriel Katsh Lecturer, Harvard University

Catherine Kelly Advisor, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative

Daniel Koss Post-doc, Harvard Academy

David Landau Assistant Professor, Florida State University

Daniel Lim Associate Consultant, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

James Loxton Assistant Professor, University of Sydney

Yascha Mounk Preceptor, Harvard College

Jennifer Page Post-Doc, Brown University

Jennifer Pan Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Christopher Rhodes Lecturer, Harvard University

ByoungKwon Song Assistant Professor, Hanyang University

Sparsha Saha Lecturer, University of Southern California

Brandon Stewart Assistant Professor, Princeton University

Andrea Tivig Policy Specialist, Terre des Femmes C.V. (Berlin)

Jane Vaynman Assistant Research Professor, George Washington University

Vanessa Williamson Fellow, Brookings Institute

Bernardo Zacka Assistant Professor, M.I.T.




Tyson Belanger Fellow, Truman National Security Project

Oliver Bevan Associate, McKinsey & Company

Prithviraj Datta Post-doc, Brown University

Alisha Holland Assistant Professor, Princeton University

Didi Kuo Post-doc, Stanford University

Patrick Lam Statistical Consultant, Beecher Analysis Group

Elena Llaudet Assistant Professor, Suffolk University

John McNulty Teacher, Liberty Common High School

Max Palmer Assistant Professor, Boston University

Ruxandra Paul Assistant Professor, Amherst College

Molly Roberts Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego

Shahrzad Sabet Post-doc, Princeton University

Emma Saunders-Hastings Assistant Professor, University Chicago

Evan Schnidman Research Analyst and Consultant, Deltech Consulting Group

Shauna Shames Assistant Professor, Rutgers University

George Soroka Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, Harvard University

Don Tontiplaphol Lecturer on Social Studies, Harvard University

Brandon Van Dyck Assistant Professor, Lafayette College

Yuri Zhukov Assistant Professor, University of Michigan




Daniela Cammack Assistant Professor, Yale University

Adam Chilton Post-Doc, University of Chicago Law School

Andrew Coe Assistant Professor, University of Southern California

Walther Cooper Assistant Professor, United State Military Academy

Porsha Cropper Senior Analyst, Abt Associates

Anthony Fowler Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Bernard Fraga Assistant Professor, Indiana University

Amanda Garrett Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

Jill Goldenziel Lecturer, Harvard University & Boston University Law School

Sheena Greitens Assistant Professor, University of Missouri

Andrew Harris Assistant Professor, New York University

Emily Hickey Senior Content Developer, Cengage Learning

Diane Kuhn MD program at Johns Hopkins University

Janet Lewis Assistant Professor, U.S. Naval Academy

Kristen Looney Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

Richard Nielsen Assistant Professor, MIT

Iain Osgood Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Gladden Pappin Visiting Research Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

Mircea Popa Post-Doc, Yale University

Viridiana Rios Senior Advisor, Mexico’s Secretary of the Treasury

Sarah Shehabuddin Assistant Professor, Asian University for Women, Bangladesh

Lucas Stanczyk Assistant Professor, MIT

Yuki Takagi Post-Doc, Stanford University

Kris-Stella Trump Harvard College Fellow, Harvard University

Brandon Van Dyck Assistant Professor, Lafayette College

Joseph Williams Political Editor, YouGov

Miya Woolfalk Assistant Professor, Wellesley College




Andrew Beath Young Professional, World Bank

Matthew Blackwell Assistant Professor, University of Rochester

Amy Catalanic Assistant Professor, Australia National University

Jacqueline Chattopadhyay Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina

Katherine Einstein Assistant Professor, Boston University

Masha Hedberg Lecturer, Dartmouth College

Vessela Hristova Researcher, Institute for European Integration Research, Univ. of Vienna

Sean Ingham Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

Matthew Landauer College Fellow, Harvard University

Jennifer Larson Assistant Professor, New York University

Siddharth Mohandas Regional Policy Advisor, U.S. Department of Defense

Michael Nitsch MDiv program at Yale University

Kira Petersen Assistant Professor, Lewis and Clark College

Jonathan Renshon Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Meg Rithmire Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School

Yongwook Ryu  Assistant Professor, Australia National University

Maya Sen  Assistant Professor, University of Rochester

Kathryn Sensen Post-Doc, Harvard Program on Constitutional Government

Elina Treyger Assistant Professor, George Mason University Law School

Han-Pu Tung  Assistant Professor, Taiwan National University





Jennifer Bachner Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Heidi Brockmann Assistant Professor, U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Suzanna Challen Independent Artist/Writer

Leif-Eric Easley Post-Doc, Stanford University

Andrew Eggers Assistant Professor, London School of Economics

Michael Fortner Assistant Professor, Rutgers University

Michael Henderson Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi

Eitan Hersh Assistant Professor, Yale University

Brodi Kemp Special Counsel to the General Counsel, US Dept of Defense

Eric Lomazoff Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma

Clayton Nall Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Daniel Schlozman Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Erin Simpson Analyst, Scitor Corporation

Lili Zhang Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group




Samuel Abrams Assistant Professor, Sarah Lawrence College

Matthew Chingos Post-Doc, Harvard Program on Education Policy & Governance

Carlos Diaz Resident Dean, Harvard University

Andrew Eggers Assistant Professor, London School of Economics

Brian Feinstein JD program, Harvard Law School

Miguel Glatzer Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts

Samuel Goldman Preceptor in Expository Writing, Harvard University

Benjamin Goodrich Post-Doc, Columbia University

David Grewal Assistant Professor, Yale Law School

Justin Grimmer Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Michael Kellermann Assistant Professor, U.S. Naval Academy Annapolis

Vipin Narang Assistant Professor, M.I.T.

Rebecca Nelson Analyst, Congressional Research Service

Nicholas O’Donovan Lecturer in Social Studies, Harvard University

Nathan Paxton Lecturer in Government, Harvard University

Mikhail Pryadilnikov Post-Doc, Harvard University Davis Center

Bettina Scholz Assistant Professor, Stonehill College

Ian Yohai Quantitative Social Scientist, Aptima, Inc.




Marcus Alexander MD program, Stanford Medical School

Lanhee Chen  Deputy Campaign Manager and Policy Director, Poizner for Governor

Asif Efrat Visiting Professor, Cornell Law School

Daniel Epstein Assistant Professor, Colgate University

Jens Haimueller Assistant Professor, MIT

Philip Jones Assistant Professor, University of Delaware

Michael Kang Assistant Professor, Emory Law School

Yevigeniy Kirpichevsky Researcher, Institute for Defense Analysis

Joseph Kochanek Harvard College Fellow, Harvard University

Alexander Liebman Consultant, McKinsey & Co. - China

Odette Lienau Assistant Professor, Cornell University

Phillip Lipscy Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Stanislav Markus Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Joseph Mazor Post-Doc, Princeton University

Sean McGraw Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

Colin Moore Robert Wood Johnston Fellow, U.C. Berkeley

Isaac Nakhimovsky Junior Research Fellow, University of Cambridge

Alison Post Assistant Professor, U.C. Berkeley

Eleanor Powell Assistant Professor, Yale University

Francis Shen Post-Doc, U.C. Santa Barbara

Jiyeoun Song Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma

Xiaojun Yan Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University

Gergana Yankova Junior Research Fellow, University of Cambridge

Sean Yom Assistant Professor, Temple University




Fiona Barker Assistant Professor, Victoria University of Wellington ( New Zealand)

Anders Corr Job market candidate for Fall 2008

Federico Ferrara Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

Marius Hentea pursuing doctoral degree in Literature in France

Daniel Hopkins Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

Andrew Kennedy Assistant Professor, Australian National University

Jason Lakin Post-Doc, Harvard School of Public Health

Helene Landemore Post-Doc, Brown University

Olivia Lau Mathematical Statistician, Food and Drug Administration

Katerina Linos Post-Doc, Harvard Society of Fellows

David Mednicoff Assistant Professor, University of Masschusetts Amherst

Manjari Miller Assistant Professor, Boston University

Ryan Moore Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis

Sonal Pandya Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

Wendy Pearlman Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

Aziz Rana Post-Doc, Yale University

Andrew Reeves Assistant Professor, Boston University

Almaz Zelleke Director of Academic Affairs, The New School for Social Research



Benjamin Ansell Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

Traci Burch Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

Jose Fernandez-Albertos Assistant Professor, Universidad de Barcelona

Tammy Frisby Executive Director, Bill Lane Center for the Study of the North American West, Stanford University

Yvonne Gastelum Lecturer, San Diego State University

Daniel Gingerich Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

Jeffrey Green Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Michael Griesdorf Visiting Professor, University of Leiden, Netherlands

Michael Horowitz Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Lane La Mure Vice President, Atticus Capital, LP

Bruno Macaes Professor, European College of Liberal Arts, Berlin

William Phelan Assistant Professor, Trinity College, Dublin

Nirmala Ravishankar Research Scientist, University of Washington

Rahul Sagar Assistant Professor, University of Singapore

Andrea Sangiovanni-Vincentelli Assistant Professor, King’s College London

Liam Schwartz Senior Project Analyst Researcher, Harvard University

Kristin Smith Assistant Professor, American University

Hillel Soifer Assistant Professor, Bates College

Mark Somos Lecturer, Harvard College

Vesla Weaver Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

Wrede Braden, Catharina (unknown)



Gabriel Aguilera Financial Consultant, Fraser Financial Group

Mark Copelovitch Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin/Madison

Noah Dauber Lecturer, Harvard College

Benjamin Deufel Senior Associate, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research

Harumi Furuya (not on job market)

Douglas Kriner Assistant Professor, Boston University

Jonathan Laurence Assistant Professor, Boston College

Robert Mickey Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Shannon O’Neil Visiting Scholar, Columbia University

Maria Popova Assistant Professor, McGill University

Naunihal Singh Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

Anna Stilz Assistant Professor, Columbia University

Robert Urbatsch Assistant Professor, Iowa State University



Christopher Adolph Assistant Professor, University of Washington

Daniel Aldrich Assistant Professor, Tulane University

Daniel Choi not on job market

Rafael de la Dehesa Assistant Professor, CUNY Staten Island

Ioannis Evrigenis Assistant Professor, Tufts University

Magda Hinojosa Assistant Professor, Texas State University

James Honaker Assistant Professor, UCLA

Rieko Kage Assistant Professor, Kobe University

Casey Klofstad Assistant Professor, University of Miami

Tao Li Assistant Professor, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics

Bryan McGraw Assistant Professor, Pepperdine University

Matthew Price JD program at Harvard Law School

Alexandra Samuel Managing Director, Angus Reid Consultants

Travis Smith Assistant Professor, Concordia University

Lily Tsai Assistant Professor, MIT

Endre Tvinnereim Analyst, Point Carbon, London

Alexandra Vacroux Post-doc, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Thaddeus Williamson Assistant Professor, University of Richmond



Yevgenia Albats Assistant Professor, Moscow University of Economics; Columnist, Moscow Times; Talk Show Anchor, Echo Moskvi Broadcasting

Bryan Garsten Assistant Professor, Williams College

Lawrence Hamlet Assistant Professor, Rhodes College

Daniel Ho JD program at Yale Law School

Kosuke Imai Assistant Professor, Princeton University

Alan Jacobs Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia

Bertram Johnson Assistant Professor, Middlebury College

Andrew Karch Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin

Ian MacMullen Assistant Dean, Washington University in St. Louis

Karuna Mantena Assistant Professor, Yale University

Jason Maloy Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma

Tamara Metz Assistant Professor, Reed College

Suzanne Nielsen U.S. Army Officer (Major), 532nd Military Intelligence Battalion in the Republic of Korea.

Chad Noyes not on the job market

Alice Ristroph Associate in Law, Columbia University; Visiting Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College

Jeffrey Ritter Assistant Professor, Rutgers University

Victor Shih Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

David Singer Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

David Siu Part-time employment and fatherhood

Carla Valle Assistant Professor, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

Robert Van Houweling Assistant Professor, University of Michigan



Christopher Brooke Lecturer and Jr. Dean of Arts, Magdalen College, Oxford

Ethan Bueno de Mesquita Assistant Professor, Washington University (St. Louis)

David Campbell Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

Eric Dickson Assistant Professor, New York University

Sam Ewing Assistant Professor, Elmira College

Michaele Ferguson Assistant Professor, University of Colorado

Karen Ferree Assistant Professor, University of California-San Diego

James Fowler Assistant Professor, University of California-Davis

Kristin Goss Consultant, Corporation for Nat’l and Community Service; Lecturer, Georgetown University

Nigel Gould-Davies Research Analyst, British Government (Foreign & Commonwealth Office)

Macartan Humphreys Assistant Professor, Columbia University

Orit Kedar Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Steven Lenzner post-doc at Princeton University and Hebrew University

Istvan Majoros Officer, Hungarian mission to the European Union

Bonnie Meguid Assistant Professor, University of Rochester

John Parrish Assistant Professor, Ohio State University

Robert Pekkanen Assistant Professor, Middlebury College

Alejandro Poire Romero Professor, Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico

Benjamin Read Assistant Professor, University of Iowa

Benjamin Runkle U.S. Government, Department of Defense

Ying Shang Assistant Professor, Beijing University

Oxana Shevel Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Timothy Shah Research Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Elizabeth Stanley-Mitchell Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

Matthew Stephenson Assistant Professor, Harvard Law School



Arash Abizadeh Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University

Christina Davis Assistant Professor, Princeton University

Jacques Hymans Post-Doctoral Fellow, Olin Institute

Joel Johnson, Professor Augustana College

Geunwook Lee Post-Doctoral Fellow, Olin Institute

Aaron Lobel Host and Exec Producer, America Abroad Radio,

Stephen Marshall Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin

Donald Raber Assistant Professor, Presbyterian College

Kim Reimann Assistant Professor, Georgia State University

AJ Robinson unknown

Peter Singer Brookings Institution, Project on US Policy Towards Islamic World

Mike Tomz Assistant Professor, Stanford University


Danielle Allen Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Benjamin Berger Assistant Professor, Swarthmore College

Liliana Botcheva-Andonova Assistant Professor, Colby College

Anthony Boustani 

Evan Charney Assistant Professor, Duke University

Mark Duckenfield Assistant Professor, University College, London

Frieda Fuchs Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University

James Fuerst Adjunct Professor, New School University

Daniel Polisar Director of Research, Shalom Center

Kenneth Scheve Assistant Professor, Yale University

Alvin Tan Monetary Authority of Singapore

Alvin Tillery Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame

Joshua Tucker Assistant Professor, Princeton University



Christian Alfonsi Research Director, Organic, Inc.

Ted Brader Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Noel Calhoun Assistant Professor, City University of New York

Peter Cannavò Visiting Professor, Hamilton College

Kanchan Chandra Assistant Professor, MIT

Wendy Franz Assistant Dean of Freshmen, Harvard University

Anna Grzymala-Busse Assistant Professor, Yale University

Bernard Harcourt Assistant Professor, University of Arizona Law School

Mala Htun Assistant Professor, New School

Patrick Joyce Adjunct Professor, Wellesley College

Nancy Kokaz Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Anita Krug Attorney, Hale and Dorr

Angelia Means Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College

Bruce Morrison Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario

Jason Neidleman Adjunct Professor, DePaul University

Jennifer Pitts Assistant Professor, Yale University

Hiram Ramirez-Rangel Visiting Professor, Universidad del Sagrado Corazon

Andrew Rudalevige Assistant Professor, Dickinson College

Michele Swers Assistant Professor, Mary Washington College

Alan Szarawarski Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College

Paul Talcott Assistant Professor, Emory University

Eric Thun Assistant Professor, Princeton University

Maurits van der Veen Post-doc, University of Pennsylvania

Steve Voss Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

Michael Witt Post-doc, Harvard - U.S. Japan Program



Edwina Barvosa-Carter Assistant Professor, UC Santa Barbara

Gary Bass Assistant Professor, Princeton University

Kenneth Benoit Assistant Professor, Trinity College, Dublin

Erik Bleich Assistant Professor, Middlebury College

Pepper Culpepper Assistant Professor, Kennedy School of Gov’t

Mark Elder Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

Margarita Estevez-Abe Associate Professor, Harvard University

Page Fortna Assistant Professor, Columbia University

Fu Jun Assistant Professor, Qinghua University, PRC

Stephanie Golob Assistant Professor, Baruch College-CUNY

Dmitry Gorenburg Research Position at the Davis Center for Russian Studies

Tom Harsanyi Lecturer in Social Studies, Harvard University

Louisa Lund Analyst, Office of the Chief Legislative Analyst, Los Angeles

Isabela Mares Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Patchen Markell Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Sankar Muthu Assistant Professor, New School

Mark Nagel Investment Banker, Merrill Lynch – London

Dan Posner Assistant Professor, UCLA

Curt Signorino Assistant Professor, University of Rochester

Mireya Solis-Soberon Assistant Professor, Brandeis University

Timur Yontar Consultant