Placement Candidates

This page is designed to provide instantaneous and continuously updated information about our Ph.D. candidates (and some recent Ph.D.s) now on the academic market. For each student, you will find a descriptive paragraph, a curriculum vitae, and a variety of other information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our job candidates; members of our faculty; Thom Wall, the placement coordinator on our staff; or this year's placement directors, Professor Peter Buisseret and Professor Jennifer Hochschild.

Placement Candidate Field Advisor
Morales-Arilla, Jose Ramon Political Economy Ed Glaeser and Horacio Larreguy
Havasy, Christopher Political Theory Eric Beerbohm
Mahajan, Aseem International Relations Dustin Tingley
Mangini, Michael-David Political Economy and Government Dustin Tingley
Oppenheimer, Harry International Relations Iain Johnston
Palmiter, Brian Political Theory Eric Beerbohm
Pressly, Lowry Political Theory Michael Sandel
Pottle, Justin Political Theory Danielle Allen
Short, Nick American Politics / Social Policy Daniel Carpenter
Soderborg, Seth Comparative Politics Steven Levitsky
Stein, Hillary Poltical Economy and Government Jeffry Frieden
Stone, Andrew American Politics Stephen Ansolabehere
Tilleczek, William Political Theory Danielle Allen
Weaver, Julie Anne Comparative Politics Steven Levitsky
Wilson, Saul Comparative Politics Elizabeth Perry
Xu, Alice Comparative Politics / Methods Torben Iversen