Placement Candidates

This page is designed to provide instantaneous and continuously updated information about our Ph.D. candidates (and some recent Ph.D.s) now on the academic market. For each student, you will find a descriptive paragraph, a curriculum vitae, and a variety of other information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our job candidates; members of our faculty; Thom Wall, the placement coordinator on our staff; or this year's placement directors Professor Eric Beerbohm and Professor Jon Rogowski.

Placement Candidate Field Advisor
Alfaro, Adriana
Political Theory Richard Tuck
Brown, Colin Comparative Politics Peter Hall
Charnysh, Volha Comparative / International Relations Grzegorz Ekiert / Jeffry Frieden
Clough, Emily Comparative Politics Steven Levitsky
Dasgupta, Aditya Comparative Politics James Robinson / Daniel Ziblatt
Finger, Leslie Comparative / American Paul Peterson
Gidron, Noam
Comparative Peter Hall
Gill, Michael International Relations, Methods, Political Economy Gary King
Gilman, Hollie
American Politics Claudine Gay
Gruenbaum, Benjamin American Politics Stephen Ansolabehere
Hagerdal, Nils Comparative Politics & International Relations Robert Bates
Hankinson, Michael Social Policy / American Politics Ryan Enos
Harpham, John
Political Theory

Eric Nelson

Javed, Jeffrey Comparative Elizabeth Perry
Keum, Tae-Yeoun
Political Theory Michael Rosen
Lall, Ranjit International Relations / Political Economy Jeffry Frieden / Beth Simmons
Lesch, Charles Political Theory Nancy Rosenblum
Mounk, Yascha Political Theory Michael Sandel
Pamuk, Zeynep
Political Theory Nancy Rosenblum
Pettigrew, Stephen
American / Methods Gary King
Prillaman, Soledad
Comparative / Methods Torben Iversen
Reza, Syed Shimail Political Theory Michael Sandel
Ross Camarena, Kara
International Relations Robert Bates / Beth Simmons
Sands, Melissa
American / Methods Gary King
Selinger, William Political Theory Richard Tuck
Tan, Yeling
Comparative Politics / International Political Economy Peter Hall
Tontiplaphol, Don Political Theory Richard Tuck
Weeks, Ana Catalano Comparative Politics Torben Iversen