Photocopying and Printing

Business Cards and Letterhead: Please see the Office Manager for both of these items.


 **Whenever possible, please distribute course handouts to students electronically.  Course readings should be made available to the students via the course websites or assembled into a course packet which the students will purchase (see below).

In order to use a copier, you will need a copy code.  The Office Manager can assign you a code for the 4th floor copier.   This can be used to reproduce course syllabi and handouts.

When you have completed your copying, be sure to press the “small moon symbol in the upper right corner" to clear the account number. If you fail to do so, your account could be charged for subsequent copy jobs. Please be advised that copying, printing from your computer, or printing from a USB port will cost .06 per page black/white. Contact the Office Manager if you have technical problems with the machine.

In an emergency, you may use the administrative office’s copier on the first floor but please see the Office Manager beforehand.

Crimson Cash Cards: Crimson Cash cards can be used at many copy machines around the University and are useful to give to your RA when they are making copies for you.

 Gnomon Copy: Please do not use Gnomon Copy for small jobs as they charge more per page than our in-house copiers.  Large printing jobs (especially course packets that will be purchased by the students) should be sent to Gnomon Copy ( at 1308 Mass Ave (617-491-1111). Please NOTE that the cost of TF copies and reserve copies should be folded into the student cost of the coursepack, since the department cannot pay for them.  Once called, they will pick up from the Department’s reception area (K150). You should allow a 24 hour turnaround time, although special pickups and delivery are possible.  Please see the Office Manager for assistance.   

 Visitors, College Fellows, and Preceptors - PLEASE NOTE:  If you need to send a job to Gnomon Copy, you (or your course TF/TA) MUST pick up a form from the Program Coordinator.  It is absolutely necessary that we know in advance what jobs are being sent to Gnomon for courses being taught by Visitors, College Fellows, and Preceptors.  This is due to budgetary procedures and billings. Unless we know in advance what jobs Gnomon is being asked to complete, we cannot guarantee that the Department will be able to cover the costs.  We appreciate your understanding about this.

 We also cannot pay for books or extensive copying for course development. If you are unsure about any of this, please speak to the department Administrator.