Office Supplies and Furniture


See Tricia Vio for all office supplies. Small amounts of commonly used supplies are kept at hand.  Letterhead, second sheets and envelopes as well as interdepartmental envelopes are available behind the reception desk in K150.   If you need specific supplies, or larger amounts of supplies please place an order with Tricia. There is also a Staples in Harvard Square.  Toner cartridges and other supplies will be billed to your TAD (Teaching and Discretionary) Account. Visitors using Harvard computers will have toner cartridges provided.   E-mail Tricia with the brand and model number of your printer to get a cartridge.  If you need furniture for your office, please speak with the Department Administrator, Frankie Hoff.  Basic office furniture is provided by FAS, the Department does not cover these costs.  Furniture cannot be billed to your TAD or Dean’s fund.