The following dissertation prizes were announced at the department’s doctoral cocktail party on May 23

May 29, 2018

The Edward M. Chase Prize for the best dissertation on a subject relating to the promotion of world peace was awarded to Madhav Khosla for his dissertation, “Modern Constitutionalism and the Indian Founding”

The two Senator Charles Sumner Prizes for the best dissertations “from the legal, political, historical, economic, social, or ethnic approach, dealing with any means or measures tending toward the prevention of war and the establishment of universal peace” were awarded to

1. Peter Bucchianeri for his dissertation, “Ideology and Factions in Urban Politics” and

2. Leslie Finger for her dissertation, “Group Power and Policy Change in Education”

The Robert Noxon Toppan prize for the best dissertation upon a subject of political science was awarded to Ranjit Lall for his dissertation, “Making International Organizations Work: The Politics of Institutional Performance”