FED EX: Fed Ex packages are delivered regularly and put in your mailbox. You will be emailed as soon as a Fed Ex arrives for you. Fed Ex pick-up is at approximately 5:00 p.m daily. Please see Tricia Vio for Fed Ex boxes, envelopes, and invoice forms. For Domestic, choose “standard overnight” and for International Fed Ex choose “priority”. Please note….for International Fed Ex, you must also fill out a Commercial Invoice. The original copy of the Airbill goes in the Financial Associate's mailbox in the 1st floor Departmental Office (K150). You should drop your Fed Ex parcel in the box located in the security desk in front of K150. Visitors will be asked to make their own payment arrangements. If you have any questions, please speak to Tricia.

INCOMING MAIL: Visitors and 4th floor faculty have mailboxes in K150. You may use your ID to enter the office after hours and pick up your mail at your convenience.

OUTGOING MAIL: The out-going mailbox is located under the mailboxes in K150.

OUTGOING UNIVERSITY MAIL: Leave your mail, in an interdepartmental folder, in the interdepartmental mailbox under the mailboxes in K150.