Graduate Professionalization Workshops

The department has instituted a series of professionalization workshops for every stage of the graduate career.  These meetings have been developed to effectively professionalize the graduate student experience and to ensure that students feel prepared for post-graduate life.


Orientation Program for New Students

Led by Government Department faculty and graduate students


G1 Cohort Meeting: Mid-Year Update

Led by Professors Dustin Tingley and Dan Smith and current grad student Colleen Driscoll

Friday, February 17

12:00pm in CGIS S354


Professionalization Workshop:  Preparing to Teach

Led by Professors Dustin Tingley, Susan Pharr, Michael Sandel, and Shanna Weitz and Gabe Katsh (Departmental TF)

Friday, March 24

12noon in CGIS K450


Professionalization Workshop:  Thinking about your Career

Led by Professors Dustin Tingley, Jorge Dominguez, Latanya Sweeney, Mark Bonchek (recent alum), and Stephen Pettigrew

Wednesday, April 12

2pm in CGIS K262


Professionalization Workshop:  Thinking about the Job Market and Applying for Academic Jobs

Led by Professors Melani Cammett, Jeff Frieden, Fran Hagopian, and Jon Rogowski

Friday, April 14

12pm in CGIS K450


Professionalization Workshop: Preparing and Doing Fieldwork

Led by Professors Gwyneth McClendon and Yuhua Wang and a current grad student.

Friday, April 14

12noon; CGIS K050