Gov 99

In choosing to write a senior thesis, you are embarking on your most intensive academic endeavor to date. Your thesis adviser will be the most important person guiding you in this process. In addition to your one-on-one advising, however, you will enroll in Gov 99: the Senior Thesis Writers’ Seminar. The purpose of Gov 99 is to complement your adviser’s work by providing you with departmental support from the beginning to the end of the thesis writing process.

You should familiarize yourself with the Gov 99 website, and the syllabus that includes all relevant dates and deadlines. Before the first meeting of Gov 99 in the Fall, you will be asked to read through the Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in Government.

This course has four primary aims. First, and most importantly, through a series of deadlines the course aims to provide with you with a structure that will encourage early and frequent production of written material. Second, by introducing and reviewing central research design strategies, the course will better familiarize you with social science research methods. Third, the course provides you an opportunity to receive written and oral feedback on your work from your peers and seminar leader. Fourth, the seminar provides peer and departmental support as you navigate the personal ups-and-downs of the thesis writing process.

Before you can register for the course, you must first submit a thesis adviser contract to the Undergraduate Program Office. When you meet with your House Concentration Adviser to get your study card signed, they will ask you if you have this contract on file. If you have a contract on file, then they can sign the Gov 99 Instructor’s Signature portion of the study card.  If you don’t have a contract on file, then you cannot yet officially register for the course.

If you have any additional questions about Gov 99, please contact the Undergraduate Program Office.