Gov 94

Information on Undergraduate Seminars (Gov 94), Spring 2017

Syllabi for spring term Gov 94 seminars will be available online and at the Undergraduate Program Office as they become available. Please note that you must enter the lottery to take a Gov 94; every effort will be made to grant your first or second choice. Classes begin Monday, January 23 and Gov 94s will meet during this first week of classes. You should check the online course catalog for course changes (if any) and classroom locations. If a seminar is regularly scheduled to meet on Thursday or Friday (thus after the lottery deadline), there may be an informational meeting before the lottery; times and locations will be announced as they become available.

The Gov 94 lottery form must be submitted in hard copy to CGIS K151 by 6 p.m. on Wednesday, January 25. Students who fail to submit a 94 lottery form on time will receive last priority in the assignment of seminars. Lottery results will be posted on the Undergraduate Program website by the evening of January 26. An e-mail will go out when results are posted. No results will be divulged before then. Your patience will be much appreciated!



SeminarTitleInstructorTimeIntro Session
AFContemporary AfricaBatesTu 2-4 
BHEthics and Public PolicyBeerbohmW 4-6 
CBThe Politics of Citizenship and NaturalizationBrownW 3-5 
CIComparing India and China: An Examination of State-Society RelationsDillonTu 1-3 
CNTheory and Politics of ConstitutionsBrunoTh 2-4 
DNMapping Social and Environmental SpaceStrohscheinTh 1-3 
DZIs Democracy Possible Everywhere?ZiblattM 1-3 
ESNew European Democracies: the 2016 Spanish democratic revolution in a comparative perspectiveMartinezM 4-6 
GKThe Politics and Ethics of Medical CareKatshTh 3-5Tues 1/24, 4-5pm, K401
GSGlobalization and Civil SocietyPharrTh 3-5 
HGThe Politics and Political Economy of Inequality in Latin AmericaHagopianW 2-4 
IPIdentity, Politics, and PolicyWeeksTh 2-4 
OAInequality and American DemocracySkocpolW 2-4 
PYRevolution and Politics in Contemporary IranMohseniTu 4-6 
QUS-Latin American Relations: SeminarDominguezTu 2-4 
ROPositive Theories of the Presidency and the Separation of PowersRogowskiW 4-6