Finding a Thesis Adviser

Finding a Thesis Adviser in the Government Department 

Establishing a good relationship with your thesis adviser is arguably the most critical factor for thesis success. If you read through comments from past Hoopes Prize winners, they invariably talk about how important their advisers were in the thesis writing process. In contrast, poor thesis writing experiences are often linked to poor advising relationships.

Finding an adviser is hopefully something you did before you left campus at the end of Junior Spring. Remember that you can be advised by a Government Department faculty member  or graduate student. A list of graduate students who have expressed particular interests in advising is available here.

But sometimes, either because you decided late to write a thesis or because you simply weren’t able to find an adviser before you left, you will enter your summer before Senior year without obtaining an adviser. Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who’s in that situation, and we can help you with your search. Please contact our office and we will work with you to find an adviser.

Previous Thesis Topics/Advisers 

This list of previous thesis topics and advisers may help you in your search for an adviser.  Consult the lists of faculty and graduate student advisers to make sure that a potential adviser is still at Harvard.