Contact the Financial Administrator, Sharon Jackson (, for all administrative and financial questions regarding research expenses, TAD accounts, or any expenses reimbursable from grants.


Contact Diana Wojcik (dwojcik@fas.harvard.eduas soon as you start thinking about applying for a grant that will be submitted through the Govt. Dept. She will help walk you through the process.


There is a very strict sixty-day limit on the processing of expenses. The sixty-day period begins from the date of purchase with the exception of travel when it begins at the end of your trip. Travel arrangements made on personal credit cards will NOT be reimbursed until after the trip. This also applies for pre-registration for conferences on your personal card. Please give the financial staff and FAS 10 working days to process the paperwork.


Faculty members should see Sharon Jackson for an application.
When turning in the payments you must submit the statement with the paperwork.

NOTARY PUBLIC: Diana Wojcik is a Notary so please feel free to stop by if you need anything notarized (K158).