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For email support contact the Harvard University Information services at: or their Help Desk at 5- 7777. Their website is at: If you need computer assistance, please contact

Harvard-MIT Data Center (HMDC) at: HMDC offers advanced computing facilities and infrastructure, including powerful and yet easy-to-use research computing tools, cluster computing power, application and server hosting, and on-site computer labs. HMDC also offers statistical workshops/classes, as well as user-friendly desktop support. In addition, HMDC continues to serve as the principal distributor of social science data for Harvard and MIT.


There is a fax machine on the 4th floor of the CGIS Knafel Building that you are welcome to use to send out faxes.  We do not check it regularly, so please don’t use it to receive faxes unless you are able to retrieve them yourself. The number is 617-495-1470.   


You can find information about getting your ID card at the following website:    Your Government Department appointment must be active before you will be issued an ID.  If you are a visitor and have questions about your appointment, please see the Program Coordinator.


Office Manager will issue you your office key. After hours, Buildings and Grounds (617-495-5560) can let you into the building but will not be able to let you into your office unless the HUPD (617- 495-1212) are also present.


FED EX: Fed Ex packages are delivered regularly and put in your mailbox. You will be emailed as soon as a Fed Ex arrives for you. Fed Ex pick-up is at approximately 5:00 p.m daily. Please see the Office Manager for Fed Ex boxes, envelopes, and invoice forms. For Domestic, choose “standard overnight” and for International Fed Ex choose “priority”. Please note….for International Fed Ex, you must also fill out a Commercial Invoice. The original copy of the Airbill goes in the Financial Associate's mailbox in the 1st floor Departmental Office (K150). You should drop your Fed Ex parcel in the box located in the security desk in front of K150. Visitors will be asked to make their own payment arrangements. If you have any questions, please speak to the Office Manager.

INCOMING MAIL: Visitors and 4th floor faculty have mailboxes in K150. You may use your ID to enter the office after hours and pick up your mail at your convenience.

OUTGOING MAIL: The out-going mailbox is located under the mailboxes in K150.

OUTGOING UNIVERSITY MAIL: Leave your mail, in an interdepartmental folder, in the interdepartmental mailbox under the mailboxes in K150.


See Office Manager for all office supplies. Small amounts of commonly used supplies are kept at hand.  Letterhead, second sheets and envelopes as well as interdepartmental envelopes are available behind the reception desk in K150.   If you need specific supplies, or larger amounts of supplies please place an order with the Office Manager. There is also a Staples in Harvard Square.  Toner cartridges and other supplies will be billed to your TAD (Teaching and Discretionary) Account. Visitors using Harvard computers will have toner cartridges provided.   E-mail the Office Manager with the brand and model number of your printer to get a cartridge.  If you need furniture for your office, please speak with the Department Administrator.  Basic office furniture is provided by FAS, the Department does not cover these costs.  Furniture cannot be billed to your TAD or Dean’s fund.


Information about one day or ongoing permits can be found at:


HarvardKey is Harvard University's unified online user credential, uniquely identifying you to Harvard IT applications and services to grant you access to the resources you use every day.

Research Assistants

To advertise for a RA, please contact the Graduate Program Administrator.  After you have identified your RA, please have them see the Financial Associate in our Financial Office.  Do NOT let the student work until they have filled out all of the payroll paperwork with the Financial Associate.

Seminars and Workshops-General

Individual seminar web page links can be found under “Graduate Program"/"Graduate Research Workshops” on the Department’s website.


Faculty members may arrange their own travel directly with BCD Travel (496-8000) or online  Harvard Travel can bill costs directly to your Harvard accounts or Corporate MasterCard if you wish. If you use your own credit card, travel cannot be reimbursed until after the trip has been completed.  Please see  Government Department Financial Office about Harvard account numbers, expense reports and reimbursement, or for general questions. Harvard Travel Website


 We will return library books for you if you leave them in the box in K150.