Department Apology for Sexual Harassment

The following statement was approved by the full faculty of the Department of Government on March 9, 2021:

Dear Terry Karl, Tere Riera Carrion, Suzanna Challen, Nienke Grossman, Yoshiko Herrera, Sylvia Maxfield, Charna Sherman, Rebekah Strasburger, Alice, Kathryn, and other targeted individuals and their allies who have remained anonymous,

We, the faculty of the Department of Government, write to express our sorrow and shame at the sexual harassment you suffered from Jorge Dominguez and our deep regret that our Department and the broader University did not provide you with an environment in which you felt sufficiently confident to share your experiences, or that, when you did, we and the University did not respond with the effective measures to which you were entitled. The Department also failed to raise objections when the University promoted Dominguez to positions of power and public status. For all this, we apologize unreservedly. We are humbled by the recognition that much work remains to be done in order to ensure that our Department becomes a place where all students, faculty, and staff feel welcome, valued, and secure. And we commit ourselves to that work. In the meantime, you have our sincere gratitude and admiration for your courageous campaign to see that justice is done.