2020 Harvard American Politics Conference

2020 Harvard American Politics Conference

Harvard Department of Government


Panel 1: Federalism
Wednesday August 5, 10 - 11:30am

Chair: Liz Thom and Hunter Rendleman

Discussant: Jamila Michener

Sarah James (G7)
    Re-opening by the Numbers: State-level Policymaking and Public Health Data

Meredith Dost (G5)
    The Political Implications of Administrative Burden: Medicaid Across the States

Brian Highsmith (G1)
    The HQ2 Problem: Addressing the Antitrust Implications of Corporate Location Megadeals


Panel 2: Political Geography

Thursday August 6, 1 - 2:30pm
Chair: Jake Brown
Discussant Justin de Benedictis Kessner

Michael Zoorob (G5)

How Does Police Brutality Impact Calling the Police to Report Crime?

Jake Brown (G5)

Does Partisan Segregation Activate Partisanship?

Kirsten Walters (G2) and Uma Ilavarasan (G2)

9/11 and the Public Good(s): The Effect of an Inter-Group Relations Shock on Local-Level Expenditures


Panel 3: Public Opinion
Friday August 7, 1- 2:30pm
Chair: Shiro Kuriwaki and Soichiro Yamauchi

Discussant: David Shor

Andrew Stone (G6)
    Politicizing the Courts in the Public’s Eye: Elite Rhetoric and Public Attitudes toward the U.S. Supreme Court

Soichiro Yamauchi (G5)
    Methods for Small Area Estimation

Chris Kenny (G2)
    Assessing Redistricting Fairness with Multilevel Regression and Poststratification (MRP)



How to Participate


Each panel will have its own Zoom link, which has been circulated to the Gov grads list and the APRW list. If you are a Cambridge/Boston area faculty or student and would like to attend, please enter your email here and we will send you the zoom link the day before the session. 



For general questions, please contact Shiro Kuriwaki. For questions about the panels, please contact the chairs directly.



Hunter Rendleman (hrendleman@g.harvard.edu)

Elizabeth Thom (ethom@g.harvard.edu)

Jacob Brown (jrbrown@g.harvard.edu)

Soichiro Yamauchi (syamauchi@g.harvard.edu)


Gwen Calais-Haase (gcalaishaase@g.harvard.edu)
Mitchell Kilborn (mkilborn@g.harvard.edu)

Shiro Kuriwaki (kuriwaki@g.harvard.edu)

Connor Phillips (connorphillips@g.harvard.edu)

Jon Rogowski (rogowski@fas.harvard.edu)


* Past and Present APRW and APSS coordinators